What is a Telecommuting Agreement?

In 2020 we all experienced something unprecedented in our lifetimes. Covid-19 (Corona Virus). This has lead to hundreds of thousands of workers now working from their kitchens, bedrooms, basements, and home offices. More people work from home now than ever before. So, it is no surprise that companies have created agreements for these situations.

A Telecommuting Agreement specifies the terms and conditions an agreed upon arrangement. This includes verification that the alternate location provides a workspace that is free from safety and fire hazards. The alternate location in many cases being the employee’s home.

In the telecommuting agreement, the employee holds the employer harmless from any and all claims from the employee working in the alternate location with the exception of Workers’ Compensation claims. The agreement also documents the responsibilities for both parties and establishes expectations regarding work hours and performance for the employee.

The telecommuting agreement acknowledges the special importance of effective communication between the employee and their supervisor and includes provisions for making communication a priority.

Telecommuting agreements are sometimes known as telecommuting contracts. These are becoming more common in the workplace as more companies have found losing office space and having employees work from very cost effective.

Looking for an example of a Telecommuting agreement? Click here!

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What is a Telecommuting Agreement?

What is a Telecommuting Agreement?

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