Quick Tips for Managing Remote Teams

I’ve been working with several virtual colleagues for 4 years now. Overseeing far off representatives initially made me need to rip my hair out. It’s hard to trust that people are working when you can’t see them. That was my first obstacle. 

Then you have to deal with the problems associated with each area. A tornado in Texas might make you lose a developer for a day or a week due to power outages. This can feel stressful when it’s a hot sunny day outside in California. We can recruit individuals from any area around the globe which makes it much simpler to employ gifted individuals.

Now and again I had no clue about what my group was doing, or that colleagues would “go missing”– they’d work viably for some time and afterward their nature of work would tighten or they’d quit, or I get baffled about not having the option to speak with them successfully, or I had numerous issues finding and employing incredible individuals distantly. Managing remote teams is tough. 

In any case, presently I realized that I am better about how to make virtual groups work than I was years ago. Leaps and bounds better. The systems I use to manage my team broke down to exactly how I would like to be managed. In essence I treated others as I expected to be treated. I also created clear guidelines so my remote teams were always on the same pace. Below are some great tips for overseeing Telecommuting teams. 

Top Tips for Overseeing Telecommuting Teams

  • Track hours worked, participation and other essential proportions of profitability 
  • Sort out an arrangement of covering times for imparting in various time regions 
  • Be careful about visit and email over-burden 
  • Use devices for snappy video and visual correspondence 
  • Successful coordinated effort on archives and spreadsheets 
  • Make a standard onboarding process 
  • Meet face to face

For help managing your team try using 1 on 1 Track!

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