Managing a Remote Team: Flexible Work Hours?

Tip: Allow a degree of flexible work hours for remote team members.

People working in remote roles will likely want some flexibility with their work hours. It is important to allow a degree of flexibility when managing remote employees. However you can hurt your team by being too flexible or too lenient. Staff should be held to their goals and projects and work should be done to ensure that your team is meeting the company’s overall goals.

Does it make a huge difference if a team member is working between 9 and 6 opposed to 8 and 5? It likely doesn’t. So why not allow it?

While working from home (telecommuting) we allow staff to do dishes make dinner and do laundry. We know these things will happen and when we hear them mention that they were just doing that when we call we don’t jump down their throats about productivity. We ask what’s for dinner.

It all boils down to trust. Remote team members get an hour of break a day. It is up to them how they use it. If they want to use it in 4 15 minute intervals to load laundry then that is fine with me. Some people like doing that kind of stuff midway through the day because it helps them clear their minds. It could make them more effective.

What we measure is goals and projects. We keep a clear eye on if team members are completing week to week objectives that are given when we have our 1 on 1 meetings.

In each 1 on 1 we give a specific important task that needs to be completed between our meetings. Then using 1 on 1 Track we are able to see how often team members accomplish this goal. This lets us know who is staying on task and who is not performing quite where we need them to be. With this information we can then begin to work on training improvements to help the team member get better.

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