Managing Remote Teams Tip: Implement Systems

Tip: Implement systems

Without systems, your business can and likely will fall apart. A business run in an office can compensate for not having systems and processes in place by having a few proactive staff members who lean over cubical and get the information they need quickly. In a telecommuting team each person can be in their own little world. They might forget that there are 100 other team members at the company or they could forget their role in the bigger picture because they generally only need to work with 3-5 other staff members.

Remote workers may even develop their own processes and procedures that don’t sync with the way other team members at your company are working. It’s best to have a documented standard operating procedure that details what should be done for all stages of your processes so that staff can be held to these processes. This also helps with on-boarding.

Our team follows a clear set of rules for setting product demos and communicating product feedback. Feedback is not shouted out to the entire team. It doesn’t go straight to the owner. It goes to the development team so that it can be tallied and if we see enough of the same suggestion we know we have something we should be addressing.

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