Remote Team Tip: Tracking Team Members

Tip: Track hours worked, attendance and all key indicators of success in their role.

It might make sense simply to track hours worked. However most remote teams are not paid hourly, they are paid salary. Which helps a lot. Salary employees are easier to measure. You are reserving their output with a salary. I personally never cared if a team member worked 35 hours or 45 hours so long as they consistently accomplished the goals required of their position.

In an office environment you can see who is coming in each day even if you are not tracking attendance so you know who is late and how is early. In a completely virtual environment it can be difficult to understand exactly what is going on, how long each person actually was working and what they were working on. Maybe they got stuck on a problem for 2 hours and it looks like they did nothing for the first half of the day because of it. But you can’t see that. All you know is that it’s not done yet.

Some people are extremely disciplined and can get to work on time, stay on task, and avoid any and all distractions around them at home.  The majority of us need some accountability.  For some that means “clocking in” and making sure we avoid distractions like Facebook or YouTube. For others that means having clearly set goals with clear timelines.

We built 1 on 1 Track to better track goals and ensure that team members are following direction, finishing projects, and progressing professionally.

Published by Richard Klu

Artist/writer I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. I imagine in the future I'll have three kids too. It's odd things in my life tend to come in 3's.

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